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Skin Care Package

Includes combination of any two or three of the following therapies which last for about two-three hours every day depending upon the body condition of the guest.

• Herbal Ayurvedic face pack
• Face massage
• Special head massage
• Abhyanga (Medicated herbal oil massages)
• Pizhichil
• Njavarakizhi
• Udwarthanam
• Ksheera dhara
• Steam bath
• Internal Herbal Medicines

Benefits of Skin-care Treatments

• Improves skin texture, complexion and beautifies body
• Enhances blood circulation
• Removes extra fat and tones the body
• Restores balance in the body, mind and consciousness
• Improves metabolic activities of the body
• Rejuvenates body, mind and soul
• Replenishes the reservoir of mental vitality and health

Package Includes:

• Consultation with Ayurveda Doctor and daily follow up consultation
• Advice on Diet & Lifestyle Management
• Ayurveda Therapies – Customized for each client.
• Beauty Therapie

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