Lush Ayurveda

Lush Ayurveda

Lush Ayurveda is the brainchild of Dr. Mariya Parvez ,an Ayurvedic Doctor who holds a great experience in the field of Ayurveda and Nutrition, she’s a certified Medical Cannabis Practitioner too. She has a known name in the field of Medical cannabis in India. She’s treated hundreds of patients with chronic lifestyle and mental disorders.She and her team has incorporated the ancient legacy of Ayurveda in the all in one Holistic approach for helping people live a disease free life. Ayurveda is popularly known for providing holistic well being of the human body. With a proven history of detoxifying and rejuvenating the human body and mind for over 5000 years, Lush Ayurveda is committed to bring back its goodness.

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Beautiful experience, enjoyed the treatments, The people here really make this experience beautiful. From the moment I arrived at the Ayurveda Retreat, I was totally cared and looked after. Every member of staff is wonderful. After just one week I feel like a new person. Special mention goes to the owners who have to help the homely feel. Dr. Mariya pravez is excellent in his skills and talks you about the treatments. Special thanks also go to yoga master Ganesh for his yoga class is comfortable. Thank you for the nice stay. The quiet surroundings and wonderful treatments made this experience great. Looking forward to a long stay next time. God bless each one of you.

Payel pandey Patients

Best treatment came for my husband's treatment last month.my husband has Parkinsons ,he was not able to walk before we came here. Dr Mariya Parvez is a wonderful soul.Such a knowledgeable person.We took treatment for four weeks and there's a lot of difference.My husband is able to walk with support now planning to come again in summer.food in the retreat was very good.staff were very helpful.altogether our stay in the retreat was very comfortable.will definitely recommend to my friends

Rina dubey Patient

I visited here recently one of the best place for all treatments with high level of experienced doctor Dr.Mariya Parvez and with high level of life experienced life teacher Mr.Gandhi lal who explained me about his life experience and life journey.After treatment now I am feeling relaxed and happy in both mind level and physical level. I suggest every one to stay here and make your life as a colourful one. Lastly I liked to thank All

Robin Dixit Patient
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